Tuesday, April 1

back with renewed ...


i haven't been making much recently, but it does seem to be a common theme right now from some of the other blogs i'm reading, as other folk also seem to be going through a similar phase.

too many other things are vying for my time and attention, some welcome like friends, family and loved ones and some not so, like work and housework!

narkeymarkey has officially stalled ...

so, i finally get it together to start this blog and then everything comes to a grinding halt!

the blog was something i'd been thinking about for a while. i then spent ages gathering up all the things i'd made, trying out new techniques and ideas, making new test pieces, taking photos of them all, loading the pics onto this page and then i looked, and i looked at what i had created on the screen.

it was quite surreal to see these pieces actually on the page, and i felt and thought differently about them, almost like seeing them on the page changed them, validated them in some way.

but there is also the creative shyness - the reluctance to put my work 'out there', afraid of criticism or of looking foolish, feeling inadequate in the face of all the creativity i discovered in the blogosphere.

cue a period of lots of thinking (aka procrastination if i'm being honest!) and a creative vaccuum.

but then i return to the blog ... which is actually quite a good means of thinking out loud and working through my thoughts, probably in a way i hadn't done previously.

thanks to a post on lisa call's blog (http://blog.lisacall.com/2008/03/making-forward-progress-in-my-art-career.html) i have been putting some thought into the purpose of this blog and also into defining the direction i want to take.

i have just ordered a load of text books and am starting to plan my time for this month so i can have a mixture of theory and practice and i'm going to start putting my blog out there, to hell with the shyness and the fear!

i hope i'm at the start of a journey and if i stall here then i've hardly taken the first few steps.

nothing worthwhile ever came easy :)