Sunday, December 13

this week ...

well a couple of nights out and some christmas preparations have kept me busy this week.

wednesday saw us at the national library's poetry pamphlet fair which was a lovely evening of browsing, catching up with friends, listening to music and hearing poets perform pieces from their pamphlets. if you're interested in poetry pamphlets, here's a link you might like the scottish pamphlet poetry website

friday saw us back in edinburgh for a lovely evening at the scottsh arts club, to celebrate the launch of the national galleries "inspired? get writing!" book. everyone we met was very welcoming and we had a really enjoyable evening.

and then on to christmas preparations, i'm having a totally home-made christmas and am having a great time making lots of lovely gifts, i just hope the recipients enjoy the gifts as much as i've enjoyed making them!

and then today, m at work, a chance to monopolise the laptop and get some more updates made to my folksy shop, here's a few pics of my latest updates, would love to know what you think.



pencil case


Tuesday, December 8

continuing the theme

of shameless self-promotion, check out my lovely scarves!

listed on folksy tonight, get one quick, they're sure to sell like hot cakes (although scarves are better for wrapping around your neck to keep the chill out!).

fatcat felt's folksy shop

Monday, December 7

'tis the season ...

to buy a lovely fatcat felt diary from folksy! :)))

listed today, get one here before they all go.

how about a week-to-a-view diary ...

or perhaps a larger, day-to-a-page diary

Sunday, December 6

christmas stock now in my folksy shop

well, better late than never!

in a shameless attempt at self-promotion: check out my christmas stock - it's fantastc (even if i do say so myself!). christmas deccies have been listed in my shop now, with 2010 diaries going up tomorrow.

fatcat felt's folksy shop - tell your friends :)

three weeks of bleurgh :(

well, the past three weeks have passed me by!

flu and a chest infection kept me in bed for a week and then stuck in the house for another two. so, now i'm slightly behind, it was quite bemusing to go out again and see that folk were starting to put up christmas trees and lights, i thought everyone was early this year, until m reminded me that we're nearly into the second week of december.

eeeek, mild panic, i'm slightly behind schedule but so very glad to be back on my feet again!