Sunday, January 31

folksy finds ...

valentine's cards!

here's a selection of my favourite cards from folksy. hope you find something you like, happy shopping :)

andy lanham art

momo by moaby

linoking cards

hello sunshine by jo want

iT’s NoT aRt


chickadee cards and jewellery

vintage milly

would you like to feature on my little blog ... ?

i’d like to have a monthly interview with fellow designer/makers on my blog so if you’re interested in being featured, please let me know and i’ll send you some nosey-parker style questions! you'll also be able to send me a selection of photos if you would like your work featured.

you can either leave me a message in the comments section here or email me: fatcatfelt 'at' hotmail 'dot' co 'uk'

don't be shy, it'll be great fun!

Friday, January 29

displacement activity

as defined by is:

"performance by an animal of an act inappropriate for the stimulus or stimuli that evoked it."

or to put it in human terms:

performance of an act: updating my blog
the evoking stimulus: the looming deadline for completing my tax return
appropriateness: i'll let you be the judge of that, i'm off to panic over my tax return!

you can read a very good post about the above on sanctuary's blog

a return

well, it has been a little slow for life to return to 'normal' around here! we have managed to extend the festivities right up until last weekend.

m had a couple of rare weekends off so we used the chance to visit friends we hadn't caught up with over christmas and new year, to spend some time just vegging out together and pottering around in each other's company and it has been wonderful. i hope everyone had a lovely festive period and weren't too affected by the weather. mum came to us for christmas this year and then we all went to mum's for new year, including my brother and his partner who came over from sweden with the fantastic news that they're going to be parents this year!

we also tried a spot of bird watching recently but the water at the reserve was still frozen, however we did manage to see: heron; gulls; canada goose; lapwing; pair of swans; bullfinch; crow; bedraggled looking buzzard and some freezing looking pochard, teal and wigeon. but not the elusive sea eagles we were hoping for.

i have also managed to tidy up my workroom after buying loads of storage boxes while they were on sale, i can finally see the floor and close the cupboard door! not too sure how long that'll last once i get back to working again though.

i always get a little wistful when the decorations have to be put away for another year, planning our year ahead helped to cheer me up though. it looks like it's going to be a busy one but we're so excited because we have so many new things to be working on. m has his first book coming out soon and we've already proofed the first draft and got it back to the publisher, we're starting up a publishing company (which will publish other poets), i've got a few markets booked already, loads of new designs to be working on, i'll be starting city and guilds next month, and we've got plans for a couple of exhibitions too, so watch this space!

what are your plans for this year? how about new year's resolutions ... do you make them? what are yours for this year?