Monday, November 19

Perth Christmas Craft Market

Saturday 24th November
10am to 6pm
King Edward Street, Perth

Unfortunately, I have had to pull out of this market as I'm having an op on Thursday.  I know ... could the timing be any worse?!

Anyway, the market looks like being a really good day out, so if you are within travelling distance of Perth ... get yourself there for a market full of talented makers and some medieval entertainment with archers, musicians, jesters, jugglers and even some knights re-enacting medieval scenes! 

The Christmas Light Festival is also happening on Saturday so there will be additional entertainment from 12pm on the High Street culminating in a spectacular light show and performances on Tay Street from 6pm to 9pm.

The Christmas Craft Market also continues on Sunday 25th November, from 11am to 5pm.

Saturday, November 10

Lagom Felt Studio

As is the way of all good things, so it is that fatcat felt is coming to an end as I move on to new things. 

I 'll keep the fatcat felt website and facebook page open for a wee while yet, but would like to invite you to have a look at my new work-in-progress website at and my new facebook page at

My new, full-time venture is Lagom Felt Studio and I hope to have lots more exciting news to share soon!

All comments and constructive feedback welcome :)

Tuesday, November 6

The Handmade Show

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my stall at The Handmade Show on Sunday. 

Thanks also to Dawn Fuge for organising another great show. 

I had a fab time catching up with Aileen Clarke from Aileen Clarke Crafts and meeting Dee from JammyThings and Linda from Couthie Designs. 

Roll on the next market - Perth Christmas Market on 24th November, frantic making continues ... but I can't really complain as I have a huge mug of tea and the coal fire to keep me going :)

Saturday, November 3

The Handmade Show

Handmade Show in Perth Concert Hall tomorrow ... miss it and miss out!

And you have the chance to buy some fabulous Christmas gifts or lovely treats for you from lots of wonderful makers.

Would be lovely to see you there so please stop by and say 'Hi' :)


Tuesday, October 23

The Dying of the Sun - a meditation on fire

After the months of preparation and hard work, it's hard to believe that the exhibition has now been and gone. 

And I have to say, I'm quite missing it!

I really loved being a gallery assistant for the nine days of the exhibition.  It was a privilege to go to work each day at The Barn Gallery, surrounded by more felt than I have ever seen in the one room at the same time. 

I also enjoyed the opportunity to talk about felt with the folk who came to view the exhibition - from people who had never encountered felt before to fellow feltmakers, each conversation was a joy.

There are lots of heartfelt thanks due ...

... to George, Muriel and all of the folk at The Bield, for your friendly welcome, your support and assistance
... to Ian at RBST for the display material
... to the BWMB for their display material
... to all of the artists who took the time to create such wonderful work
... to everyone who took the time to visit the exhibition, it was lovely to meet each and every one of you

but most of all ...
... to Morgan and Mum, for putting up with me as I got increasingly stressed, for being there to support me at the opening and helping me to 'man' the gallery.

If you didn't get a chance to visit the exhibition, here's a few photos so that you can enjoy the exhibition online.

The full set of images are also on the exhibition website: and also facebook:

Happy viewing :)

Aine - Mattie van den Heuvel

And the Sun Turned to Darkness - Laura Guida

As the Sun Dies Out - Pat Moore

Burned by the Dying Sun - Veronika Ivanov

Caora Creag i - Morgan Downie and Tracy Markey

Caora Creag ii - Morgan Downie and Tracy Markey

Caora Creag iii - Morgan Downie and Tracy Markey

Caora Creag iv - Morgan Downie and Tracy Markey

Caora Creag v - Morgan Downie and Tracy Markey

Carry the Sun (the light inside) - Yvette Williams Elliott

Cygnus - Jane Mercer

The Daily Event - Lyn Griffiths

Duelling Dragons - Katharine Huggett

Dying of the Sun - Angela Barrow

Eclipse Meditation - Veronika Ivanov

Equinox - Angela Barrow

Evening Embers - Mich Nouquet

Fafnir's Garb - Tracy Markey

Falling into Autumn - Tracy Markey

Fiery Delight - Linda Thomson

Fire Web - Angela Barrow

fire work - Morgan Downie

Flame Garden - Angela Barrow

Flame On - Katharine Huggett

Flamebird I: White Heat - Joss Wrigg

Flamebird II: Ember - Joss Wrigg

Flamebird III: Warm Glow - Joss Wrigg

Flaming Jacket - Katharine Huggett

Flight of the Phoenix - Angela Barrow

Helios - Tracy Markey

Lifeless Sun - Pat Moore

Mi Fuego - Andrea Bustelo

Nick's Little Helpers - Mich Nouquet

The Pelican - Jane Mercer

Pringle's Bothy - Nic Glennie

Risen - Angela Barrow

Rising - Angela Barrow

Samhain's Heat - Angela Barrow

Sol - Jackie Lunn

Sun Masks series: #1; Sun Masks series: #2 - Elena Ulyanova

Sundown - Mich Nouquet

Sunset on Orkney - Katharine Huggett

Sunset Tree - Angela Barrow

Sunset Wrap - Lyn Griffiths

Taiga, Cloudberry - Shannon M Welsh

Taiga, Fireweed - Shannon M Welsh

Taiga, Lightning - Shannon M Welsh

Volcano, fascinator - Tessa Mendez

Volcano, asymmetric top and shawl - Tessa Mendez

Warmth of the Sun - Angela Barrow

We are all Ancient - Penny Dixon

We are Stardust - Penny Dixon

Whitby, Christmas Day - Alex Fraser

Sheep and Wool Information Display

Display of the local fleeces used to create Caora Creag - Bowmont, Scottish Blackface, Shetland, Zwartbles, Ryeland and Hebridean, showing raw fleece; scoured fleece; carded fibres; felted sample.

Visitor book, leaflets, 'meet the artists' book, magazines and books

Fleece and fibre display - Herdwick, Portland and Alpaca

Rare breeds information display

Gallery View i

Gallery View ii

Gallery View iii

Gallery View iv

Gallery View v

Gallery View vi

'Land of Felt and Camels' film, by kind permission of Jeanette Sendler