Sunday, July 22

'interesting' times!

so, it's been a year and a half so far!

i haven't been blogging for a while now as i really don't like to moan without purpose and, to be honest, that's about all i've felt like doing recently!

i feel like i've been sick for most of the year - pneumonia, sinus infection, norovirus, kidney infection and for the past two months i've been in and out of hospital (thank heavens for the nhs) with more tests to come.

i'm really not very good at being unwell (but then again, who is?!) and it's been quite a difficult time. i know that there are folk far worse off than me and i am so thankful that we have free healthcare in this country but i have been feeling a little sorry for myself!

oh, yes, and at the end of july i am to be made redundant from the day job.

so, life feels a little up in the air just now.

and while i'm having a whine ... what about this weather?! what happened to summer?!