Saturday, March 8

nostalgic felt workshop

another trip to twist fibres, this time for the nostalgic felt workshop. we had to take along an item that had a happy memory associated with it which would inspire a piece of felt that would then have pockets incorporated into it, to hold our memories as it were.

we had such a great summer last year so i took along some photos of our trips.

this piece of felt represents our summer – the countryside, the forest, scottish hills, changing seas, enormous skies, purple heather on the hills and the rather incongruous sun in the top right corner. if i was to make this again, i would make the representation of the sun a little more abstract, perhaps just orange curls streaking along the top. the pockets are to hold the little momentos of our trips, all the little bits and pieces that i pick up and fill my pockets with – the beach glass; stones; grasses; leaves; moss; twigs and the general detritus that makes it way into my pockets.

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