Monday, June 8

the felt bead fairy has left the building

a few weeks ago i finally got the knack of making lovely felt beads (i'm know this is probably a really basic technique but until then, i'd really struggled with it) and so chuffed was i that i made them until i practically wore a hole in my hands.

imagine my dismay on discovering that the felt bead fairy must be on holiday today as i've now made three mis-shapen, lumpy beads in a row!

time for a break perhaps :)

and some time to figure out where i'm going wrong!


Feltbug said...

I don't enjoy making felt beads - it always feels like a lot of effort for a very small result - but I do love felt beads so sometimes I do give in and make them :) I find rolling them on a textured surface helps speed the process - rubber car mats are good. You can also start them off by hand then tie them into a pair of tights and put them through the washing machine.

narkeymarkey said...

ooh some good tips - i'll give them a try, thanks. i'm with you - i do love them but they are a lot of effort for a small result! :)