Friday, October 30

another great (and busy) weekend planned

so, we're off to an opening at the national galleries - oooh! we've been invited to 'words on canvas' which is an exhibition and publication showcasing works by the creative writing group 'words on canvas' and is written interpretations of artworks in the national galleries collection. m has been very successful in previous years with his entries to the 'inspired? get writing!' competition which invites folk to enter a piece of poetry or prose in response to an artwork held within the national collection. it's great and i can't wait to see which pieces folk have chosen.

then it's off to the annual batworkers conference for the first time. i'm really looking forward to this, there's some interesting speakers planned and i'm taking part in the tree survey workshop which will help us identify roost sites next year for when we carry out more surveys.

and to finish off, on monday evening i have my next stall which is the fossoway shopping night in crook of devon - look forward to seeing you there :)

in between all of this i need to find time for housework, gardening, christmas planning ....

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