Sunday, November 15

a week in london

i don't know where the past few months have disappeared and was ashamed to realise i hadn't been down to see my family in london since january! so i headed off on the train to stay with my mum and catch up with everyone last week.

we had a great week and the highlight was visiting the london wetland centre which was displaying the love london recycled sculpture show
it was lovely to get away from the traffic and the noise, the crowds of people and the hustle and bustle and get into some peaceful surroundings. it really is an amazing place, especially when you consider its location. it's very well thought out and has lots of great things to keep kids occupied while also teaching them about the environment.

we had a lovely time wandering around, in and out of the hides, enjoying a lovely lunch, chatting to the guides but i think the best part for both of us was the indian runner ducks, you could go into a wee enclosure and buy seed to feed them - so of course, we did! much to the amusement of folk passing by.


Feltbug said...

Cute ducks! I have not visited the wetland center for ages and it is very close to where I live :) Hope you had a lovely week.

narkeymarkey said...

i wish i'd known, would have given you a little wave! had a lovely time thanks.

it's a great place to visit, although a litle pricey but you can spend all day there. especially if you have lots of twenty pences to buy seed to feed the ducks :)