Friday, January 29

displacement activity

as defined by is:

"performance by an animal of an act inappropriate for the stimulus or stimuli that evoked it."

or to put it in human terms:

performance of an act: updating my blog
the evoking stimulus: the looming deadline for completing my tax return
appropriateness: i'll let you be the judge of that, i'm off to panic over my tax return!

you can read a very good post about the above on sanctuary's blog


About Me said...

I'm very good at displacement activities :D
Ironing needs to be done ~ Displacement activity : I'll just check my emails/blog/Folksy shop/Folksy forum/other peoples blogs/make a cup of tea/watch Bargain Hunt
2 hours later ~ ironing needs to be done :D
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narkeymarkey said...

sounds familiar, glad i'm not alone in this :)