Saturday, October 16

stockholm beckons

and our first meeting with my brother's first baby!!! a beautiful little baby girl called mivalie :) we're really excited to meet her and start playing the very important roles of eccentric aunty and uncle, in fact anyone would think we've been in practice for these roles for ages given we've perfected them so well!

catch up soon, happy autumn everyone :)


Caroline said...

Congratulations on your new neice!!!

Sam said...

Congratulations! and enjoy your trip.

I'm already an eccentric aunt, and I highly recommend it :-)

Sam x (A Simple Melody)

narkeymarkey said...

thanks caroline and sam. we had a fantastic time, it was great to see everyone again and meeting our new niece was amazing!

and i must say we're taking our eccentric aunty and uncle roles for (non)seriously!