Tuesday, June 21

just back but about to go away again!

well ... this past weekend was just amazing! wonderful company, great food, fantastic horst couture garments, such creative feltmaking ... i feel like i have just had the most amazing dream!!!

so, i'm just back but my feet still haven't yet touched the ground - i promise to blog and share pics really soon, and also catch up with you all too, but i was straight back to work and then i'm away again this weekend. then on hols for a week ... and i wonder where the time goes?!

look forward to catching up with you all soon and in the meantime, happy mid 'summer'!


Cash en Els said...

Oh no, tell me please!! Pictures please!!!

I go friday to the workshop of Horst ;-))

FeltersJourney said...

Cant wait to hear all about it Tracy!
Have a wonderful break & holiday (bet you feel like you are caught up in a whirlwind at the moment :)

Chrissie said...

Oh please don't keep us waiting too long for the photos!

vilterietje said...

2 weeks ago i met a couple in gairloch who's daughters name was maya. she is german, he is a kidney specialist and we thought that we both knew you. could that be possible? love, riet:)

Anonymous said...

Delighted you enjoyed yourself, I did too!!! Looking forward to see your pics and hope you have a great holiday in the meantime. XXX

narkeymarkey said...

sorry for keeping you all waiting for so long - where did the time go?! hoping to get everything updated soon.

wow! riet it is a small world, the people you met are friends of ours!

thanks nicola :)