Friday, February 17

join the flock

thanks to sheila dixon's newsletter i found out about this fab project and now i'm sharing it with all of you.
flock is a huge public art project, co-ordinated by eden arts organisation in cumbria.

they are encouraging folk to get involved and help to create an installation of 5,000 wool pom-pom sheep to be displayed in cumbria in april.

the project's aim is to encourage creativity and collaboration while raising awareness and celebrating the sheep farming & wool industry.

what a fab way to use up some of your stash and be part of a wonderful public art project.  i look forward to seeing pics of your woolly sheep.

get involved ... download the kit and get creative :)


Hawthorn said...

This looks really interesting, am wondering if we can do this at our wool event - get the kids involved. Thanks for posting Tracy!

narkeymarkey said...

wish i lived closer and could make it to yarnival! i think the littlies would love this :) (i spent a good few hours yesterday having fun making pom-poms!) :)x

Angela said...

I've already done mine

narkeymarkey said...

show-off! :) looking forward to seeing them soon.

i've got my pom-poms done, they just need faces and feet now.