Tuesday, August 7

the dying of the sun - a meditation on fire

although there's still plenty of time before the exhibition, if you would like to participate please send in a photo of your work as soon as possible.

we've had some fab entries so far but would love to have a diverse range of work from talented folk around the world so we have extended the deadline to send photos until the end of august.

the duration of the exhibition has also been extended, it will run from 5th until 15th october so that visitors have two weekends to visit and enjoy the work.

we have also started a website for the exhibition at www.thedyingofthesun.com, it is still a work in progress but we're hoping this will become a great place to show teasers of the exhibits and for you to promote yourself and your work.

we are a little short of flames/smoke/sparks for the collaborative piece so if you know of any willing helpers please let us know, otherwise angela and i will be making nothing but flames for the next two months!

if you have any questions, need an extension to the deadline or if there's anything i can do to assist you to participate in the exhibition, please let me know.

looking forward to hearing from you.

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