Thursday, July 16

well, this little blog has been neglected of late - lots of felting has been happening in the background though and we've been away for a great hol (budapest, zagreb, ljubljana and vienna!) and have been working hard in our new veg patch.

more posts to follow soon, with lots of pics, i promise!

so, i have a stall in the perth summer craft market, on sat 18th july, from 9am to 5pm, in king edward street - if you're in perth (scotland, not australia!) drop by and say 'hi' :) oh, and also keep your fingers crossed for a dry, sunny day with no wind!


Linden said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday!

Will keep my fingers crossed for the weather for you - wind and craft stalls don't mix, we have gone to incredible lengths sometimes to keep everything in place. Yes, even Blutack!!

narkeymarkey said...

it was amazing thanks :)

i know what you mean about wind and craft stalls not mixing - we had wind and rain which is not a good weather combination for felt. think i'll be adding blutak to my 'list of things to take' for my next stall.

it's supposed to be summer!!!

we did have a great day though, my mum came up from london to help out and one of my friends dropped by too.

p.s. - the sun came out at 5pm when we were packing up :) oh how we laughed.