Thursday, August 6

still busy having fun!

so, now it's time for my crieff stall - i'll be there (james square) from 9am on saturday 8th august so please drop by to say 'hi' if you're in the area. here's hoping that today's weather holds until then.

i'll be updating my badly neglected folksy shop on sunday 9th august, so if you miss me at the market you'll be able to see my new range online (if we get some sunshine to allow me to take pics!), i'd love to hear what you think.


Ruth said...

Good luck on your sales! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my jellyfish.

Linden said...

Good luck with your stall and fingers crossed the weather has held out for you, it's certainly still nice here down in Yorkshire!

narkeymarkey said...

thanks ruth and linden :)

i couldn't believe my luck - it didn't rain until after we got home! and i sold lots of my new work! your wishes definitely helped :)

hope it's still sunny in yorkshire.