Sunday, October 23

international day of felt 2011

this year's colour scheme was red, blue and purple. and here's my offering ...

it didn't quite turn out as it looked in my imagination but it was the first time i had tried making a pod shape so i'm not too discouraged. just makes me want to try again!

if you'd like to take part next year, you can find more info., here felt united

i'll let you know when the gallery is published, i'm really looking forward to seeing all this year's entries.


Hawthorn said...

Wow - interesting work - I love the idea of the mirror - I initially thought it was a hole right through until I took a proper look - love the rusty piece of metal in the third image

narkeymarkey said...

aw thanks :)

although including the mirror meant that it was so hard to take a decent pic of the piece - without me reflected in the mirror!

hee hee, i picked up the piece of rusty metal from a beach in the western isles, on closer examination i think it may be one of the ring pull lids from a tin of sardines!