Sunday, October 23

lovely berries

in between the rain showers this year, it was just about sunny enough for our berries to ripen!

i just love these, such rich colours and ripe enough to burst, just amazing.

red and blackcurrants
as well as enjoying copious amounts fresh with a little ice cream, and leaving some on the bush for the birds to enjoy, we decided to turn our hand to jam making with a little vodka experimentation thrown in for good measure!

despite the fact that we don't really drink these days, i'm sure a little warming drop or two of this will be welcome on a winter's eve.

strawberry vodka

blackcurrant vodka
our strawberries are wee, wild ones and have such an intense flavour, the seeds are so tiny and soft that we didn't need to filter them out.

strawberry jam
i was hoping to have some jam to enjoy now and some to give away, with a couple of jars left over to bring some summer colour and flavour to those long winter evenings, but the currant jam is just so deliciously tempting that we have almost finished it now.

currant jam

as much as i enjoy picking and eating fruit and veg fresh from the garden there is something about preserving it for the months to come, quite a comforting way to spend a rainy, summer evening really.


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Oh, lovely photos: those berries look so lush and glossy! And as for that blackcurrant vodka, it looks amazing; I bet it tastes delicious :)

narkeymarkey said...

thanks :) fingers crossed it does still taste ok, we kind of forgot about it over the summer so i think we'll save it for christmas!

Hawthorn said...

You photos of the berries are gorgeous, the first one I actually thought were metallic beads or ball bearings they were so glossy and shimmery - beautiful. Nice to 'see you' back :)

narkeymarkey said...

ta, i'm still in love with the macro lens as you can tell! i think all the summer rain we had made the berries extra juicy and shiny. thanks, it's nice to be back :)x