Friday, April 13

let's go for a little walk ...

i was feeling restless the other day and couldn't really settle to anything in particular.

not wanting to spend the whole day watching tv or playing on the internet i decided to throw myself out the door, despite the drizzly rain, and get out for some fresh air. and i'm so glad i did!

i stopped to admire the view from the car park

then i went up the hill

followed the path round

over the bridge

into the trees

through the forest

behind my favourite tree, along a hidden path, and down the lane

i stopped awhile to enjoy the view

and along the way i saw (i'm not 100% sure on my flower i.d., so please feel free to correct me if i've got it wrong) ...

wood sorrel


lovely rusty bits

nettles, perfect for the soup or dye pot!


horse hoof fungus

not waving, but ...

greater stitchwort

very yellow gorse

unfurling ferns

feather caught in the grass

shiny black slug

cuckoo flowers

and celandine

what better way to spend a couple of hours :)


Terrie said...

What a so scenic route you brought us to. Mother Nature has waken. Buds puppoing up. Nature is kind to us. After winter everything is thriving with reborn. Your region is beautiful.

Patty Biermans said...

None!! :) hugzz....peebee

Terrie said...

Mother Nature has awaken. Everything's thriving. Your region is typically brilliant with blooming everywhere. All are very stunning. Daffodils are my favourite flowers.

FeltersJourney said...

What a lovely walk! Perfect way to spend a restless day :)

Thanks for sharing the photos

Angela said...

love the rusty metal

narkeymarkey said...

thanks terrie, i am so lucky to have all of this close by.

patty, you're correct!

it really was deborah, glad you enjoyed the photos :)x

thought you might angela :)