Saturday, April 7

stone circles

we went looking for stone circles the other day - there are loads of them around here, plus standing stones; cup marked stones; cairns ... plenty to keep us busy.

i don't really know that much about them but i am fascinated by them, so we've got a couple of good books to swot up on and we're starting to discover all of the ones close by.

the first one we were looking for was actually marked from the road with a sign, so we knew we were heading in the right direction as we climbed the hill up to the field, even though we couldn't see it.

the conversation went something like this:

m:   can you see the stone circle yet?
t:     maybe we're walking in the wrong direction?
m:   let's just get over the brow of this hill and we might get a better look around.
t:     oh!  there's a herd of cows.
m:   don't worry, they won't bother us if we don't bother them.
m:   ah, you know that stone circle we can't see?
t:     yeeeeeessss ...
m:   do you see where the cows are standing?
t:     yeeeeeessss ... oh

apparently cows appreciate stone circles too!

they really are quite beautiful creatures but i prefer to appreciate them from a slightly greater distance.  m did manage to shoo them off briefly so we could have a very quick look but they did seem very interested in us and what we doing at their stones!


FeltersJourney said...

So funny! Great picture of the cow :)
They are curious creature alright.. we have a field of cows who always come to say 'hello' and get their heads scratched when we walk by :)

Terrie said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. Seeing this cow is pleasant. Love the cows of black and white. What coincidentally I also posted some cows I saw the day before. I'd invite you to view my blog.
Hope your spring will be around, no snow but warm with blooming.