Wednesday, May 19

baby news from my brother

well after my success posting a video yesterday, i thought i would try a sound file today but somehow i can't seem to get it to work?!

i got an email in work from my brother and it was a sound file of his baby's heartbeat!

when my brother and his partner went for their most recent scan, j managed to record the sound of their daughter's heartbeat on his phone. this is just the most precious sound i think i've ever heard. cue lots of tears all round and my male boss looking bemused!

i know women have been having babies since time began and women have babies every single day but when it happens for someone you love, it seems very different, like this is the first, the only baby ever to have been conceived.

i can't wait to meet my niece when she's born in august, well, i say 'niece' ... j was told it was 90% certainty their baby is a girl but so were their friends who were surprised but delighted by twin boys!

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