Saturday, May 15

home-smoked cheese!!!

thursday afternoon in work i got a call from m, which went along the lines of ...

m: do we have any tin cans?
me: think there's some in the recycling bin, why?
m: do we have a soldering iron?
me: (getting slightly concerned) why?
m: no reason, just wondering
me: what are you doing ... ?
m: nothing. how about a blow torch, do we have one of those?
me: honey, why would you need any of those things, what are you doing?
m: if it works, you'll have a surprise when you come home, bye.
me: be careful .......

of course this lead to great amounts of discussion with my work-mates as to what he could actually be doing. none of which put my mind at rest!

how surprised was i to get home and find out that m had been smoking cheese all afternoon :)))))))

anyone who knows me will know that i could no more live without cheese than i could oxygen. being veggie i think it's an important source of vital vitamins and minerals (or at least, that's my excuse for eating it at least once per day!). the lady in our local deli has got to know us quite well now and she also shares my assertion that there is no meal (at any time of the day) that can't be improved by adding cheese.

our poor old rosemary bush hadn't fared too well during the winter so m chopped it down and used the twigs to make rosemary-smoked cheddar. the pic i took is a little blurry as i was shaking with excitement at the thought of wolfing down the lot! and being the classy little eater that i am, my first meal with it was chips and cheese! heaven :)


Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Wow! What a guy! I need to get me a few tin cans, a soldering iron and a blow torch!

narkeymarkey said...

yep, he certainly knows how to keep me happy! :)