Saturday, May 1

first craft fair of the year

which has come around very quickly! i never seem to have enough time to make everything i want to but maybe i'm just trying to fit too much in?

if you're free, why not pop out to comrie croft who are hosting their first arts and craft fair from 10am to 4pm on sunday 2nd may.

comrie croft is an award-winning hostel, with eco camping, swedish k├ątas, and is also a great mountain-biking destination.

you can find more information here: comrie croft website

the address is braincroft, crieff, perthshire, ph7 4jz.

look forward to seeing you there.


Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

I love this venue! Would love to stay there too.
I've just signed up to do St Andrews again in September. Hope you have a great Craft Fair Season : )

narkeymarkey said...

thanks, may the craft fair fairy smile on you too :)x