Monday, February 7

meet a maker

being the inquisitive little feltmaker that i am, i thought it might be interesting to hear about other maker's stories. if you would like to be featured, please leave me a comment and i'll get in touch with some questions for you.

so, grab a cuppa, put your feet up and lets meet lisa-marie ...

Please introduce yourself …
I'm Lisa-Marie, a Jewellery and Accessory maker in Cornwall.

How would you describe your work / style?
Unique as I never make 2 items the same, I use a wide range of different materials so my designs range from funky to dainty and pretty.

Who, or what, inspires you?
Anything and everything! Colours, the sunshine, the beach, flowers in my garden and around Cornwall, most things can be inspiration...Do you sell your work? If so, what helped you decide to start selling your work?
Yes I started selling my creations last year, I spent a few years getting lots of compliments about my own jewellery I’d created that I decided I’d share it with other people and start making jewellery and accessories to sell.

Where can I buy your work?

Do you have a website or blog address? and

How did you learn your craft?
My fiancé bought me a gorgeous necklace and earrings set from a local craft market, I used to wear it every day until it broke, I was really upset so I went to a craft store and bought the materials to fix it, I realised then I really enjoyed making beaded jewellery and never looked back!How long have you been creating?
A few years.

Is there any other craft skill you would like to learn?
All of them lol, there’s so much I would love to learn, glass crafts and candlemaking are the 2 I would really like to try.

Anything exciting planned for 2010/2011 you’d like to share?
I talked my fiancé into getting me an art clay silver starter kit for Christmas, hopefully I’ll get chance to practice with it soon and if all goes well hopefully I’ll be making unique silver clay jewellery for spring/summer.

Have you had any work featured in magazines/books/galleries?
Not yet.

Has your work won any prizes/competitions?
Not yet.I couldn’t do this if it wasn’t for …
My fiancé Justin, his gift got me into jewellery making and he's really good at finding new beads and materials for me to make jewellery with. (He even walks along the beach with me collecting shells for my designs)

Describe your perfect day.
Sitting in the sun in my garden creating with all of my beads

Describe your proudest moment.
When a local salon asked me if they could stock my jewellery! I now have a full display cabinet of creations in their reception.

What do you do to relax?
Make jewellery or read books.

Marmite … love it or hate it?
Hate it!

What animal would you be, and why?
A Gecko, I have 4 of them and they're beautiful creatures, always so calm and content.

What’s your weakness?
Black forest gateaux.

How do you keep motivated?
I don't need motivation to make jewellery, I find it fun and relaxing.

What do you wish you’d known when you first started out?
What materials are the best to use and which ones break easily, instead of finding out by trial and error.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Buy a good jewellery book that tells you which supplies and techniques to use, it's a lot easier than just buying a bit of everything to find out yourself.What question did you hope to be asked but didn’t?
What would you do if you won the lottery?

What would your answer have been?
I would build a big shop overlooking the beach that would be a jewellery maker’s paradise with beads and gemstones from around the world, and a workshop space to chill out and make jewellery whilst watching the surf!

thanks for taking the time to chat lisa-marie. oohh black forest gateaux is one of my many weaknesses too!

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