Sunday, February 6


well, it's been a busy old time here, so i'm only just getting round to posting my numbers from the rspb birdwatch (i blogged about it here) ...

10 woodpigeon
7 chaffinch
4 blackbirds
3 house sparrows
1 robin
1 blue tit
1 magpie
1 dunnock

it was a shame that the coal tits, great tits and collared doves didn't put in an appearance, and the numbers did seem a little low, but as i was reading on shirl's gardenwatch blog it seems like there may be a conspiracy by our feathered friends to 'hide' when they know a census is being taken.

i thought that i might do this once a month to see how the seasons affect the types and number of birds that visit our little patch, it really was a lovely way to spend an hour :)

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