Sunday, January 29

can you tell what it is yet ... ?

part 1 of 2
(in honour of my lovely friend heather here is a two-part teaser)

piece one of four

piece two of four
me neither - hee hee!

answers on the back of a postcard please :)


Heather Woollove said...

Hahaha...excellent work, Tracey!!
Yours is a true puzzle, though!! I have absolutely NO idea what this will become!!
(Can't wait for Part 2, though!!) Hugs--

Elizabeth said...

It's in Easter colors, but I have no clue what "it" is!

Angela said...

I have no idea but can't wait to see, I'm expecting something shaggy and outrageous

narkeymarkey said...

heather, it's still a little puzzling to me too! i know where i want to go with it but ...

ah, i hadn't seen the easter colours before now elizabeth, that's interesting but not the right direction.

hee, hee, 'shaggy and outrageous' pretty much sums it up angela :)