Friday, January 27

rspb big garden birdwatch this weekend!

you can register here
and download your recording sheet here

i took part for the first time last year and would definitely recommend it - if nothing else, look upon it as a guilt free way to spend an hour with a cuppa, watching the birds in your garden (don't forget to count them too!) and the results you collect will help the rspb protect our garden birds in years to come.

beware though - if the birds in your garden know what you're up to, they seem to disappear for the hour you are recording!  no, seriously.  i had read about this before, but i can assure you that the garden is usually hopping and flapping and cheeping and chirping like crazy, but for the hour i was recording last year it was almost eerily quiet :)

i really encourage you to take an hour out of your day to take part, you won't regret it.


Angela said...

we usually participate if the cats are sleeping soundly ther'e generally more to see

narkeymarkey said...

ah yes, i can imagine that a cuddle of cats waiting in the wings (totally unintentional pun btw!) might make the birds a little nervous!