Friday, January 27

i should be ...

... felting
... completing my tax return
... ironing
... going into town to get some shopping
... doing much needed housework

but instead i've whiled away a happy hour (or two, well perhaps three) catching up with some of the lovely blogs i like to follow, updating my website, practising with photoshop and generally procrastinating.

better go and do some work so i look busy when m gets up!


Pink Milk said...

Haha! Everybody needs an "I should be, but I'm not" day otherwise life would be so dull! :-)

Have a lovely weekend.

Heather x

Felted House said...

At least you've updated your website, well done! I haven't been able to do mine for so long there's not much left on it. Procastinating is a great pastime. Sounds like you've actually had a very productive day!!
A lovely older friend of mine said to me once that when she hadn't been working as hard as she should round the house she sprayed a bit of furniture polish in the air just before her husband came home - always fooled him! Your Folksy shop is looking great by the way, full of lovely things. xx

narkeymarkey said...

ah, maybe we should start an annual "i should be ..." day! thanks heather, hope you have a fab weekend too :)x

thanks for your compliment on my shop feltedhouse. gosh, you've had so many other things to do recently, it's no wonder you haven't had time to update your site. perhaps i can suggest an "i should be ..." day? :)xx

love the tip about the furniture polish!

Angela said...

great idea, I think i could definitely join in on this one!!!

narkeymarkey said...

great to have you on board angela :)x