Saturday, December 11

beetroot chutney

a work friend kindly gave me this recipe when i mentioned to her that we were growing our own beetroot this year. it really is an unbelievably simple recipe but the end result is divine - i can totally recommend a cheese and beetroot chutney sandwich :)

3lbs fresh beetroot
1.5lbs cooking apples
2lbs onions
1lb sugar
1tsp salt
1 pint regular malt vinegar
1tbs lemon juice
0.5tsp ground ginger

i did kind of tweak the quantities as i was making it, using slightly less suger and fresh rather than ground ginger too, but you can change according to your own tastes.method
anyways, you chop up all the ingredients (as fine or as chunky as you prefer) and put them in a big pan.
bring to the boil.
simmer until the mixture has reduced and become a bit thicker.
while the chutney is cooking, you can be sterilising your jars.
once the apple and beetroot has softened and the mixture is nice and gloopy, put it in jars and seal.

the amounts given above are enough to fill about twelve jars. also, i think i only waited about a week after putting in jars to have my first taste and it was delish.but, be warned, it can have a rather surprising (or it was for me anyway) effect that will be noticed the next time you, ahem, go to powder your nose!!!


Heather Woollove said...

Oooooh...yummy!! I love beetroot chutney. (I don't see it much here in the US, so now I'll be able to make my own!)

narkeymarkey said...

it really is very yummy! i've nearly eaten the whole batch and can't get any more beetroots out of the ground to make more as everything's still covered in snow and ice.

enjoy making and eating :)x