Saturday, December 18

christmas ... ?

it hasn't really felt much like christmas for me so far, probably because i've been too busy!

so, to get myself in the christmas mood, tonight i shall eat satsumas and watch these two films ...

funny the things that become traditions isn't it?

since i can remember, satsumas have been part of the christmas tradition for our family and even though a lot has changed for our family recently, i only need to peel a satsuma and the fragrance takes me right back to those wonderful times.

and the choice of films ... i am actually quite a discerning film watcher (love b&w movies, choosing different genres for different moods, prefer european and in original language movies, have a soft spot for korean movie making) but again, it comes down to tradition for me.

i adored the muppets when i was wee and never really lost that as i grew up! i love the variety of shapes/sizes/colours/personalities of the muppets and also their lovely muppetty-ethos. apart from dirty, rotten scoundrels (whisper: and batman) this is about the only movie i can watch michael caine in.

and elf ... i used to watch this with my nan every year, and every time we watched it, it felt like christmas, and each time we saw it we laughed more and more, sometimes we would end up laughing at ourselves laughing so hard we were crying. lovely, happy times.


Felted House said...

It's the original 'Miracle on 34th street' and 'The Slipper and the Rose' for me - my OH tolerates the first but cannot STAND the second - in fact I do agree with him that it's really not a high-quality film at all, but I just associate it with Christmas. Have to watch it on my own though otherwise he moans.
Thanks for the link to the cat-wrapping - did make me smile although I couldn't quite work out what the cat thought of it all! Hope you have a very Happy Christmas xx

Hawthorn said...

It's funny how traditions make an event, not necessarily the event itself! The watching of particular films or eating of certain foods can really really put you in the mood for the festive season - what a brilliant excuse!

narkeymarkey said...

happy christmas too feltedhouse. had forgotten about miracle on 34th street, don't know the slipper and the rose so will go and check it out. at least hubby will watch one of your films with you - i have to watch these two when m is at work! although he did take me to the cinema last year to see wonderful life :)

narkeymarkey said...

hope you had a happy christmas hawthorn and are feeling better now.

you're right, it is a funny thing, but then, so am i :) i adore traditions, and my desire to re-create them sometimes leaves m a little bemused!