Friday, December 10

more snow, some ice, bit of a thaw

guess how long it took us to dig the car out .. ? only to wake up to a blizzard the following day!must admit though, that i have quite liked the change of pace that the 'snow chaos' has caused.

we've been really lucky, i know, and it must have been awful for the folk who haven't been able to get out and about or who have been stuck in their cars overnight.

but i've really enjoyed being in the house with the stove on, pottering around and doing those wee jobs i never seem to have the time to do. we've been taking lots of really long walks, enjoying the scenery and playing in the snow. a trip to the grocery store meant walking with huge rucksacks on our backs and only buying what we could carry, you pretty much stick to your shopping list when you know that you've got to load it all onto your back for the trip home! i've also been doing loads of baking (pics and recipes to follow). we've been feeding and enjoying watching the antics of the birds who have been very regular visitors. we switched the tv off and listened to the radio, and some old vinyl (yes, vinyl!). plus, i discovered that i could actually walk to the day job, whilst doing a bit of bird watching along the way. much more relaxed way of life with the added bonus of some exercise thrown in too! i'm definitely going to try to use the car less and less from now on. a couple of years ago i did acutally have a whole summer without a car and cycled to work, but then winter came and i was persuaded we did really 'need' a car and then got lazy again!

we did have more and more snow during last week and everything was transformed into something really quite magical
even the tree decorations i made as part of the international day of felt

then we had two whole days without snow! it started to thaw a bit during the day, then refreeze at night, making for lots of lovely to look at, but dangerous to stand underneath, icicles

well, it looks like we may have a bit of a thaw on, i've seen the tarmac on the road for the first time in two weeks! off to walk into town now :)

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