Tuesday, December 28

bird cake!

as in a cake for the birds, not a cake made from birds!

well, it might not look too appetising to me but our feathered friends have been scoffing this as fast as i can make it. we've still got a load of snow and ice (will it ever go away?) so as well as our usual seed-feeder, i've started putting food out for the birds twice a day.

as i wasn't really baking this year (m went mad in the grocery store and bought enough sweets, choccies, crisps, snacks, cakes, pies to last a lifetime) i thought i would use up all of the dried fruit, the nuts, the suet that i wouldn't be using. i also found some pinhead oatmeal and some muesli i didn't really like very much and added some bird seed. it all got chopped up, then i melted some vegetable suet in the microwave, poured it over the dry mix and hey-presto! this gets chopped into smaller chunks and put out with some seed and chopped apples mixed in.

we've gone from a few birds visiting the feeder to a veritable flock who wait for us in the tree when we go out now. the binoculars now have a permanent home on the window-sill, as much to be on the look-out for next-door's cats as to enjoy watching the birds.


Titania said...

Such a good idea to look after your feathered friends when the food is scarce for them. Thank you for following my blog. T.

narkeymarkey said...

it's so hard for them just now as the snow and ice has been here for over a month now, so it's nice to be able to help out, plus i love watching them too. thanks for dropping by titania :)

Pink Milk said...

Ha ha, I'm not surprised you've become so popular! Looks quite yummy! :-)

I've been adding a little oil to the dishes of bits I've been leaving out to try and stop it freezing.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas - have a wonderful New Year.


narkeymarkey said...

hi h and thanks for the tip about the oil. think the birds are getting a bit fussy now as they're starting to leave bits they don't like! had a fantstic christmas and new year ta, hope you did too :)x