Friday, January 28

take an hour off to enjoy nature

i'm really looking forward to this weekend, not least because i get to sit (guilt-free) for a whole hour and watch the birds in the garden, with the added benefit that it's all in a good cause.

this weekend (29 to 30 jan) is the rspb's big garden birdwatch. if you're interested, here's what you need to do ...

1. watch the birds in your garden for one hour.
2. record the highest number of each species you see at the same time (i.e. not in total over the hour - you may get the same bird visiting several times).
3. don't record the ones you see flying over, only the ones that land in your garden or park.
4. send your results to the rspb at (code BG47).
5. feel great because you've had fun and helpd the rspb see how garden birds are doing this year.

even if you don't have birds visiting your garden, why not pop out to your local park to get spotting and counting?

and if you're not uk-based, why not start your own annual survey?

i predict a big cup of tea, perhaps a little slice of cake, a big snuggly blanket and one hour of bird-watching bliss :)


ruthie said...

Its a great idea, we will be participating this year too.

narkeymarkey said...

great, let me know how it goes :)