Monday, April 13

easter monday trip to balvaird castle

tempted out by the spring sunshine we went to explore balvaird castle, so here's some pics of our day out. it was absolutely glorious, there was warmth in the sun, the birds were singing their little hearts out, we walked past swathes of coconut scented gorse and we had our first taste of hawthorn leaves this year - i thought they would have made a tasty addition to tonight's salad but m remained unconvinced!

it was such a great day, reminding us of the many great times we've had exploring and making us yearn for the adventures yet to come this year :)

this was my second historic scotland visit this year, the first was to
st andrew's cathedral while at stanza.

visit historic scotland's website here, if you live in scotland get yourself a yearly membership - you really won't regret it! and if you're just visiting awhile you can buy an explorer pass which lasts either 3 or 7 days.

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