Wednesday, April 22

garden update, part ii

pics from mar/apr ...

first set of seeds all tucked up in the greenhouse
strawberry plants coming on
our new comfrey which is going to feed our veg, thanks to m, a fellow freecycler
morning glory, sweet peas, parsnip and sea holly seeds chitting
mini iris and lilac cutting from nan's garden
mini iris
pots of herbs, garlic and bay trees


Danielle Barlow said...

I love sea holly! I have one 'Miss Wilmott's ghost' which self seeds all around my garden.

feltedfibers said...

How lovely to find a felt maker who loves her garden. I too am a member of the IFA. My greenhouse is gradually filling up although it is unheated seedlings are doing fine.

narkeymarkey said...

hi danielle, you're so lucky to have self seeding sea holly - i really love it but am not having much luck getting it to germinate, i'm determined we'll have some though, no matter how long it takes as it's a stunning plant :)

narkeymarkey said...

hi jenny and thanks for dropping by :) the garden is a fairly new interest for me - i started last year and have now become totally addicted!

although, it is a bit of a juggling act between felting and gardening - the garden's winning just now as it's sunny :)