Monday, April 13

textile directory newsletter

another great discovery from a recent newsletter was richard saja who is a new york based embroiderer. richard creates wonderful embroideries which he describes as “a cheeky and irreverent take on classic textile history.”

richard was recently featured in the new york times and has been awarded a searchlight fellowship by the american craft council, which allowed him to show his work at their annual show in baltimore in february. much deserved i say!

more details about richard's exibition in vermont, from may 17th to october 25th, 2009 here.

and you can visit richard's blog here.

here's a detail from one of richard's 'birdmen' cushions which i think is fantastic :)


Feltbug said...

Fantastic link - thankyou for this.

narkeymarkey said...

glad you enjoyed, it was a great find :)