Saturday, April 25

garden update iii

loads more pics from our little haven, for which i make no apology! the garden is looking so beautiful just now that i want to capture every single moment of it, every time i open the door my heart just sings at the joy and beauty of our plant life. and the birds are in full song at the moment. it's like a little refuge from the hustle and bustle that exists outside our harmonious bubble :) and then there's the hayfever which is also in full swing - don't you think that gardeners should be exempt from hayfever?!

speedwell in the lawn
rosemary happy to be in the new herb garden
can't wait for that first taste of our new season potatoes!
potatoes ready for planting
every day i check for plums, perhaps i'm too impatient :)
the plum gage is slowwwwwly starting off
yaaaaaaaaaaay, two of the parsnip seeds have germinated
lovely narcissus

london pride about to flower
the lavender has really taken off after we trimmed them the other week
not too sure if this golden thyme is going to revive but it's in our new herb bed in the hope it will
the gladioli are keen to get going this year!
funnily enough i'm not so bothered about the dandelions in the lawn now that i know i can dye with them!
daff and narcissus still in bloom
we still haven't given our front lawn it's first cut (much to the annoyance of our bowling-lawn type loving neighbours!) as it's full of these lovely cuckoo flowers
this comfrey was intended as garden fertiliser, until i learned it can also be used in the dye pot!
our bargain cherry tree going from strength to strength, i check every day for the start of blossom!
when we moved in the californian poppies were about the only flower in the garden, these yellow ones first appeared last year
more californian poppies to come
orange californian poppies
border at the side of our path
an artichoke just starting to peek out from the soil


art spirit said...

Hello there...I finally got an answer to your flower question...the one about your Grandmother's garden..and on our is called Gazania...or freeway daisy! Hope this YOUR garden and all your wonderful photos..
Mary at Art Spirit!

Ruth said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments on my Crazy Horse piece. Your garden looks really nice. I wish mine was as far along but we keep getting snowed on. Do have some daffodils up though.

narkeymarkey said...

hi mary, how kind of you to search out the name of our flower, i've been trying without luck for ages - thank you so much :)

narkeymarkey said...

hi ruth, thanks for your lovely comments on our garden - we're a bit behind schedule but i've been a little distracted with the felting recently! hope your snow melts soon :)