Wednesday, April 22

spring has sprung (finally!)

well, my little blog and my creative endeavours, along with a few other things have been much neglected recently. i put my lethargy down to the time of year - i'm with the animals on this one: it's dark; it's cold; hibernate!!! now that the lighter nights are here and the weather is improving i'm starting to feel a renewed enthusiasm so hopefully this means a return to creativity :)


Ruth said...

Hi - Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments. In regards to the sander for felting, I use a small hand held sander that is a rectangle about 4x5" maybe. It is a Black and Decker. You can also use the palm sanders that are triangular shaped. I find the sander saves lots of time and energy. No rubbing etc. Just lay out your wool, wet it down, put a plastic baggie over the sander bottom (leave the top uncovered to allow hot air to escape. The put your sander on the wool and turn it on. When you first start, pick up the sander instead of sliding it around. Once you have covered your whole area, you can go back in and then give more pressure on the sander and slide around from place to place. I usually turn the piece over and do both sides with the sander. You still have to full which I usually do in the sink by throwing and alternating hot and cold water but it is much easier on the joints. If you have more questions, have you checked out the felting forum?

You should join us - there is all kinds of information and very talented felters from all over the world from beginners to professionals. Hope that helps!

narkeymarkey said...

hi there ruth, thank you so much for sharing this, i'll definitely be investing in a sander to give my poor old hands a rest and thanks also for the pointer to the felting forum :)