Friday, June 18

happy mid-summers!

can you believe it's nearly the longest day already? where has the year gone? either it's a sign i'm getting older or i'm having loads of fun - probably a combination of both, but i'm going with 'time is flying by because i'm having so much fun!'

have you got any plans to celebrate this weekend?

if you're in the area, i can totally recommend the mid-summers event at the crannog centre on loch tay. we went a couple of years ago and it was such a special night, i still get emotional when i think about it. the crannog has a fantastic atmosphere and it was lovely to sit around the fire listening to traditional music. you can get all of the details here: crannog centre events

we're still unsure what direction we're going to head, i think we'll wait to see what the weather is doing first. m has a rare weekend off so i'm going to leave the felt mine behind for four days as we pack up the van and go camping, cycling, walking, wildlife watching ...

hope the sun is shining for you wherever you are :)

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