Thursday, June 10

meet a maker (monday) on thursday

this feature has become a little like buses - you wait for ages and then two come along at once!

hope you enjoy meeting vic from careford creations and seeing her lovely photography ...

Please introduce yourself …
My name’s Victoria or just Vic will do. My little business is Careford Creations (Careford’s my maiden name). I’m from north London originally but now live in Hertfordshire with my husband and toddler. I was a primary school teacher until last summer when I decided to look after my son full-time. I do a bit of private tuition and am trying to get back into freelance writing as well as doing all the crafty stuff. Life’s pretty busy!

How would you describe your work / style?
I sell photographs, covering all sorts of things from wildlife to vintage shots. I also make photo gifts such as handbound notebooks and pendants. The other thing I’m concentrating on is polymer clay. I make all sorts out of Fimo: notebooks, bookmarks, charms, jewellery, magnets... I’ve just started experimenting with mica powder which gives a fantastic metallic look to finished creations.

Do you sell your work? If so, what helped you decide to start selling your work?
I do. I decided to start selling photos about 10 years ago, but didn’t do a great deal about it for another few years when I bought a website name. I’ve always been a creative person and the jobs I had at the time were really limiting, so the plan was to see if I could make any money from my hobbies. I make a little, but it’s not enough to live on! Luckily, I enjoy teaching so I’m happy doing both, although I love just being self-employed at the moment.

Do you have a website or blog address?
My website is,
my blog is
and my Folksy shop’s at

How did you learn your craft? How long have you been creating?
Everything’s self-taught. I get tips and ideas from books and websites and then it’s just a matter of experimenting. I love it when something goes wrong but turns out to be a great idea! I’ve been taking photos since I was 9 years old but creating other things for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved making stuff!

Is there any other craft skill you would like to learn?
I’d like to have a go at making glass items.

Anything exciting planned for 2010 you’d like to share?
Nothing crafty, but we had our second baby in April, so I’m pretty busy!

Have you had any work featured in magazines/books/galleries?
Not as such, but two of my postcards were printed and distributed around the tourist stalls of central London! It was brilliant to see them on display. You can see them here: under the ‘About’ tab.

Describe your perfect day.
A lie-in while my husband gets our children up and ready and then a walk in the forest or by the lakes and a picnic. My parents and brothers would be there too and it’d be a lovely sunny day, but not too hot! Then I’d come back home, check my e-mail and see I’d had loads of sales!

What do you do to relax?
Little time to relax, but when I do, I like to read or just go for a walk with my family.

Marmite … love it or hate it?
I discovered recently through interviewing for my blog that there’s actually quite a few ‘middle’ people and I’m one of them! I just like it really.

What animal would you be, and why?
I love pandas, but as they’re on the verge of extinction, maybe not! I’d have to say either a golden eagle, soaring high above the Rocky Mountains or a really bizarre deep sea creature! I’m fascinated by what’s down there in the depths of the oceans.

What’s your weakness?
Pancakes. Thin ones, not the thick ones.

What do you wish you’d known when you first started out?
Sites like Folksy and Etsy weren’t around when I decided on my business name, but I’ve since realised through these places that a more creative/fun/inspiring-sounding name would perhaps be better. Too many people know me now as Careford Creations to change it though.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Do lots of research first of all and think carefully about branding. Make sure your shop/business has an identity – a certain look and feel about it.

congrats on the birth of your daughter :) sounds like you really have your hands full now!


Vic at Careford Creations said...

Thanks for interviewing me Tracy! Yep, life has certainly got a little busier since baby two's arrival. x

narkeymarkey said...

you're welcome, thanks for being interviewed, hope you're still managing to find time to create :)