Thursday, July 8

continuing the food theme ...

(after felting, food is my second favourite thing!)

may i recommend: mango; applewood smoked cheddar; mange tout; rocket and chilli sauce sandwiches on seeded bread?!

i know it sounds like a bit of an odd combination but it is delicious :)

when i'm busy felting away i have such a bad habit of waiting until i get close-to-fainting hungry and then grabbing whatever's closest, which isn't always the healthiest option.

so, as part of my mission to try and get healthier, i've been buying in tempting treats so that i'm more likely to stop for half an hour to eat properly. and this lunch was definitely worth stopping for!

and another favourite, although not quite as healthy, is: crunchy peanut butter; marmite and huge thick chunks of cucumber.

so, what's your favourite unusual sandwich filling combo?


BeadyPool said...

my mum used to make me peanut butter and apple sarni's they were fab.
My pregnancy sarnis at the moment are davidstow cheddar lettuce from the gardena nd sainsbugs tartar has to be from sainsbugs ;)
An my sons fav...another my mum concoction. Mazey day sarnis. aka apple and cheese.
Your mango one sounds scrummy yummy.

narkeymarkey said...

ooh they all sound delish! think i'll try the apple and cheese followed by apple and peanut butter, not a great fan of tartar sauce but then you have the great excuse of being pregnant :)