Friday, July 2

wee horses

i have what could be called a healthy respect for horses ... well, to be totally honest, i'm kind of scared of them. i don't think it's unnatural to be a bit afraid of anything that's bigger than you and is prone to kicking, headbutting and biting!

but these wee ones are just too cute to be afraid of!

there's a field of mini horses in the village next to us and they've not long had foals, they must be about the size of a labrador dog and seem to be really sweet-natured.


Pink Milk said...

Ooh, I'm just the same as you - a wee bit nervous of horses. Those, however, are such cuties. You could almost pop them in your pocket!!

Have a lovely weekend.


narkeymarkey said...

funnily enough i did want to take one home with me but m wouldn't let me! have a great weekend too, hope the sun shines for you :)x