Friday, July 9

very exciting news!!!

for the first time ever, my fatcat felt items are now stocked in a proper bricks-and-mortar shop :)

the lovely mandy moore has opened an cnoc at 31 east high street, crieff, ph7 3af and the shop is fantastic! mandy and her hubby have done wonders with the shop interior and it is a great place to browse the amazing range of work that mandy stocks.

i made the most amount of felt i have ever made in my life thanks to mandy giving me the opportunity to have my work in her brand new shop. this experience has made me even more certain that this is what i want to do as a full-time career.

many thanks also to aileen clarke who very kindly recommended me to mandy when she was looking for new designer-makers.

the website will soon be up and running at:

(pics courtesy of mandy moore)


NoodleBubble said...


Well done! Hope the shop does well and I hope you sell LOADS!


Felted House said...

Congratulations, it looks like a fantastic shop and I hope it does very well for everyone involved. I've tried exploring retail but it's hard to find just the right outlet here - people seem interested in bargains but only a few appreciate handmade crafts. I'm really pleased for you though.xx

narkeymarkey said...

thanks guys for your kind wishes :) i'm mega chuffed and still grinning from ear to ear!