Wednesday, July 7

first crop of strawberries

oh i wish you could smell these! they smell heavenly and are as sweet as strawberry jam :)

i was really chuffed that our strawberry plants produced any berries, let alone such delicious ones. i discovered a strawberry plant growing out of a wall on my way to work a couple of years ago and took a wee cutting, brought it home, rooted it and potted it up but then nothing much happened.

then earlier this year, the plants started putting out runners and have now nearly taken over the herb patch - the poor thyme is being squashed and the oregano is putting up a brave battle for space.

the second batch of berries looks like it might be ready for picking soon, yum!

no that isn't the largest dollop of cream you've ever seen! we were being healthy and added some natural yoghurt, i'm sure my arteries will thank me :)


Felted House said...

I've only got a few strawberries left now as I only had two plants in a basket, but I've so enjoyed picking them and eating them straight away! I've heard that unless you want to increse stock, you should cut the runners off, and that the plants fruit best in their second and third years, then you should replace them - I've never managed to follow this advice to the letter! xx

narkeymarkey said...

yep, there's nothing like picking and eating straight from the plant, especially if they're warm from the sun! spent a lot of time yesterday trying to cut the runners off as the plants have been making a bid for domination of the herb patch, not sure i could get rid of them after three years though - as long as they're still producing fruit, they can stay :)x