Wednesday, February 10

anyone for ... bubble wrap?

yes, i know, not quite what you would expect on my folky shop but i thought that other feltmakers might find it useful as a resist or for laying out larger projects onto and also other makers could use it when packaging or storing delicate items. ooooh it's also good stress relief too - never mind popping each bubble by hand, have you ever tried standing on a large strip of bubble wrap? :))))))

i always found it hard to buy bubble wrap in just the right amount, so thought other folk might find it useful to be able to buy as much, or as little, as needed - i can sell in one metre lengths and it is 300mm wide, either email me or visit fatcat's folksy shop


Pink Milk said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog x

I love bubble wrap! It's a great stress reliever.

At one of my daughter's parties, we had a five minute time out jumping up and down on a HUGE strip - the children loved it!

Great idea to sell it; it's one of those things we never have when we need it!


narkeymarkey said...

what a great idea, sounds like a fantastic party!

even though i'm supposed to be using the bubble wrap for felting or selling, i still manage to get through a few metres just by popping it :)