Monday, February 22

meet a maker monday

being the inquisitive little feltmaker that i am, i thought it might be interesting to hear about other maker's stories. so a little while ago i asked if anyone would be interested in being interviewed for my blog. i was hoping to make it a monthly feature but have been so overwhelmed by responses that it is now a weekly feature!

so, grab a cuppa, put your feet up and lets meet bonnita of momoaby ...

Please introduce yourself:
My name is Bonnita Moaby but also known as MoMo. I am 32 (nearly) and have a 9 month old daughter.

Who, or what inspires you:
Sanna Annukka is amazing! Her work is just mesmorising and her colours amaze me, get googling if you have never heard of her, another one is Charlie Harper (not the 21/2 men one lol).

Do you sell your work? If so, what helped you decide to start selling your work?
Yes I do, my crafts and my design. I started to practise crafts again as I knew I wanted to do it with my daughter when she was old enough, it was friends and family that said I could sell it, this led to me setting up: momoaby's folksy shop

My personal work has also proved popular especially my t-shirts, these can be found at: bmphotographyanddesign

Do you have a website or blog address?
As well as the folksy shop and website mentioned above I have a blog:
made by moaby's blog

And this site too:
bonnita a deviantart

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be...

What do you do to relax?
Crafting of course :)

Marmite … love it or hate it?
Love it and it is the subject of my Final Major Project at uni!

What’s your weakness?

wow, what a stunning collection: cards; textiles and photography - looks like you have plenty to keep you busy so thanks for taking the time to chat bonnita.

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