Wednesday, February 24

officially a grand weekend :)

well thankfully we had a break in the clouds this weekend and managed to make the most of the blue skies and sunshine during the day and the clear skies of the evening.

we went for a hike into the hills and woods not far from home and had a glorious day! we spotted: deer; great tits; blue tits; coal tits; long tailed tits; buzzards soaring overhead, one or two being mobbed by rooks; something that looked like a pied flycatcher but moved too quickly for a proper identification and great swathes of snowdrops; and rather bizarrely a passenger plane which looked like it was being tailed by three fighter jets?!

then the following evening, m persuaded me out into the chilly night for some astro-photography (not sure if that's the proper term but that's what we're calling it!). we were dressed in so many layers we looked like michelin men to try and keep the cold at bay. but we got some amazing pics from the top of a hill close-by.

it was also great to play around with the camera and get some good results for a change! i've never been entirely converted to digital and still love my old manual slr and have happy memories of hours spent in the darkroom - somehow this new fangled digitary nonsense isn't quite the same. having said that, it is great to be able to see the results immediately. and we got some pretty good pics of the night sky, although my knowledge of the constellations doesn't extend much beyond orion's belt and the big dipper these days - must brush up on the night sky :)

on our way home we crossed a bridge over the dual carriageway so stopped to play around with the shutter speed some more ...


Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Beautiful snowdrops! I hear you are buried under lots of snow today. My husband phoned this morning to say that the closer he got to Perth, the deeper it got. Snowed here all day yesterday but it was horrible wet stuff, not fluffy and nice.
Love your photo of the stars :)

narkeymarkey said...

thanks aileen, i was really surprised by the pics we managed to get with our wee camera!

yep, yesterday we had the white fluffy stuff but today we have the grey/brown slushy/slippy stuff - bleurgh!!!

roll on spring :)