Thursday, February 18

farewell old pal

well, we waved goodbye to the bike recently :(

i'd never been one for bikes, being a bit of a scaredy-cat but when we lived on the isle of lewis m persuaded me to become a bit of a biker chick instead!

we have so many happy memories of riding around the island in the sunshine. however, moving back to the mainland a few years ago put me back into the scaredy-cat category ... so much traffic going far too fast and only a few layers of leather between the hard tarmac and our skin!!!

plus, the bike had been rendered almost impractical due to many more new hobbies and interests - try strapping a canoe to the back of the bike! so the tough decision was taken to sell it thus ending m's 30 years as a biker dude.

although i do feel a little sad too, i'm also excitedly planning what to do with the new space in the front garden that used to be occupied by the bike! new tree ... new shrubs ... or many, many more flowers :)


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Completely unrelated... but in answer to your question, I got my banner made at

Mine was a 50cm wide by 150cm long, PVC banner and including VAT and next day carriage just a little over £27! Absolute value for money... and so much more professional looking than my handmade idea!

If you email them, do say I recommended you.

narkeymarkey said...

ooh thanks sara, i'll definitely say you recommended me - your banner looks great :)