Friday, February 5

our first snowdrops

spring is on the way, spring is on the way (although waking up to more snowy scenes yesterday you wouldn't have thought so!).

m finished his set of shifts the other morning so i picked him up at 8am laden with binoculars, bird book and picnic! what a glorious morning we had, we headed onto a little island on the tay (right in the middle of perth) and saw: deer; a seal; goldeneye; heron; goosander (a first for us!); cormorant; goldcrest; blue tit; chaffinch; goldfinch; a massive flock of domestic white geese and a few birds we weren't quite sure about because they wouldn't stay still long enough! and we also saw our first snowdrops of the year :)

then we sat on a fallen tree to enjoy our picnic, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh what a blissful way to start the day :)


Anonymous said...

Seeing the first snowdrops is what I like best at this time of year. Sounds as if you had a great morning's "twitching." Lucky to see a goldcrest! And the first picnic of the year. How lovely!Congrats on your blog award and thanks so much for mine! I am having a little blogiversary giveaway on tomorrow's post if you are interested.

narkeymarkey said...

ooh, will pop over and have a look, thanks for letting me know :)x

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

awwww...your making me homesick! Our snow drops are out too. They herald such optimism don't they : )

narkeymarkey said...

oh sorry, but you're more than welcome across any time for a wander down memory lane. (speaking of which i still need to pop over to see your new shop - couldn't persuade mum out of the house before christmas because of the snow!)

you're right about the snowdrops, i'm sure i could smell spring in the air :)