Wednesday, February 24

happy hols :)

i'm so excited, this is where we're going for a whole week in april ...

just hope it's as sunny as it is in the pic!

i'm taking my mum away for a wee break and although she knows we're going away for a week, i'm not telling her where it is or what i've got planned, and there are a few surprises in store too!

oh i'm useless with surprises - i get so excited thinking about the surprisee's reaction and then i want to tell them so they can get excited too, but then that will spoil the surprise! how can i keep quiet for so long?! i'm sure to blurt it out, or explode!


fibrefrolics said...

Oh how lovely for your Mum! What a great little hideaway. Wonder where it is? Look forward to reading more! Good luck with the job. As the saying goes,"Whats for you wont go by you" Have a nice weekend

narkeymarkey said...

thanks for wishing me luck with the job - still haven't heard anything :(

you're right about what's for you not going by you but ... i really, really want this job (gosh now i sound like a petulant child!)

have a good weekend too, hope the snow isn't too bad with you :)